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Evening No. 155 Rejuvenate Body Serum

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Evening No. 155 Rejuvenate Body serum – You know what works for you and frankly you know what is best for your skincare routine to rejuvenate it minimising signs of antiaging and managing the damage free radicals cause during everyday life. We have included nutrient rich organic oils and high-quality natural ingredients to assist you in your quest to keep your skin moisturised, glowing and healthy.

You do the math the less skin issues to cover, the less makeup you use.

Because serums are typically very concentrated, a little goes a long way 1 to 3 drops per area of skin , please allow 1-2 minutes to absorb.

30ML Cosmetic Dropper GLASS Jar

Passive Bee Venom
Passive Bee Venom

Why use Bee Venom – In varying strengths the Bee Venom causes the body to increase blood flow to the area that is being affected. By causing, acne ‘causing bacteria’ to be removed, it directly stimulates skin cells to produce two peptides referred to as elastin and collagen. Elastin cause a tightening effect and collagen causes a plumping of the skin causing the skin cells to look younger and firmer.


We keep it simple: Organic, biologically active moisturizing body serum. We partnered with Oxford Biosciences Lab to do the testing, so all you have to do is choose with confidence.

We will make every effort to provide the jars in the pictures however these jars can be substituted if the original jars are not available at the time of order.

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Allergens :- Lavender : Linalol

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– No Bee Venom
– Add Bee Venom (To target skins elastin, collagen production)

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No. 155 Rejuvenate Body Serum

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Weight 300 g

7 reviews for Evening No. 155 Rejuvenate Body Serum

  1. Sue

    The body serum (No. 172 Body Serum with Bee Venom) is a thick serum that once applied to my skin just evaporated within minutes. I used the light application of bee venom after speaking with the team and this worked well for me. The serum was easy to apply and regardless of my apparel I experienced no issues. I can not recommend this product or the BeeMetics team enough.

  2. Clarice

    My skin is so soft, your body serum with purified bee venom is simply the best I have tried, no break outs and best of all no rough patches to worry about …. very satisfied. I think this team has more to come … this is the reason for 4 stars and not 5 as there is definitely better to come.

  3. Jan

    OMG the body serum is just as luxurious as the face serum! How do you get it so nourishing ??? The moisture lasts more then 10 hours.

  4. Tess

    Thank you for the recommendation, I didn’t even know you had a body serum holy moly! Do you know how hard that is to find one here in the U.S? I’ve been trying to find one for so long and your is fantastic, and it lasts so long.

  5. Tanya

    Those wonderful bees continue to do it for me. Just a little has gone a long way, using no. 155, I am in my 3rd month and have 1/4 left to be used and it still smells great. I highly recommend to anyone one looking for that little bit more.

  6. Katie

    It’s a good serum, I recently have gone through a round of chemo and Body serum no. 155 with medium bee venom has made my experience so different. I can face the world and that makes all the difference for me.

  7. Tanya

    A fabulous natural serum, certainly it has amazed me. Natural, gentle and works. Can say no more than that my best ever.

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