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Evening No. 130 Evening Hand Serum



No. 130 Evening Hand Serum – Boosting your skin cells rejuvenation and healing damaged cells.

Essential Oils: (Chosen by user), 20ml Glass Cosmetic Dropper Healing damage caused by free radicals; boost skin cells rejuvenation and heals damaged cells membranes leading to soft, healthy, most of all soft and best of all healthy skin.

Usage: 1- 2 drops per hand (you are the best judge but a little goes a long way)

20ML Cosmetic Dropper GLASS Jar

Care has been taken to ensure ACTIVE INGREDIANTS are kept that way … for instance MEL(Honey) is not added until the oils have cooled appropriately otherwise we are delivering sugars with oils rather than HIGH QUALITY skincare.

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Allergens :- Lavender : Linalol

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