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These oils are the perfect options for all skin types.

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Base Oil

Organic Almond oil Organic Almond Oil

Almond oil is best for Dry and Mature skin types due to its rich Oleic acid content, with its rich mineral content coinciding with its Beta-Carotenes benefits helping to dissolve excess oil that is clogging pores and improving dry skin.

With B vitamin Thiamine, Riboflavin, Pyridoxine and Alpha- Tocopherol (Vitamin E) acting as antioxidants to cleanse the skin of free radicals. While Riboflavin and Plant sterols and Pyridoxine soothing your skin with its Anti-inflammatory effects and improving the health of skin cell membranes.

Organic Hempseed oil Organic Hempseed oil

Rich in ALA and GLA two varieties of Linolenic acid what treats all skin types. Well known for treating eczema and acne. Absorbs quickly. Revitalises skin. Essential active ingredients for skin cell membranes.

Organic Rosehip oil Organic Rosehip oil

Combined mixture of omega oils helps facilitate cellular regeneration. Boosts skins elasticity Works well to help treat acne or eczema. Stimulates collagen production.

Organic Sunflower oil Organic Sunflower oil

Rich in beta-carotene
Strengthens Epidermis barrier
Accelerates cellular metabolism.
Can help some inflammatory skin issues (Rosacea, Eczema)

Ingredients Information

Organic Prickly Pair oil Organic Prickly Pear oil

Prickly Pear is an Antioxidant powerhouse with Vitamin E, Betalains cleansing the skin of free radicals while boosting skin cell turnover. Its Palmitic and high Linoleic acid content are fantastic for your skin barrier while improving elasticity and reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

It also has a moderate quantity of vitamin K helping to make this oil a perfect choice for improving dark circles below the eyes. Its Provitamin A content alongside its Antioxidant activity helps to improve skin cell regeneration, tighten pores while improving dark spots.

Organic Pomegranate oil Organic Pomegranate oil

An incredibly rich oil that has an incredibly high level of Omega 5 Punicic acid, with Pomegranate being the only known plant-based source of Punicic acid. A thoroughly documented acid shown to be highly beneficial for multiple types of skin issues such as Eczema, Psoriasis and Acne.

Pomegranate is also known for having Antioxidant levels almost as high as Matcha Green Tea. This not only improves the removal of free radicals within the skin, but also helping to increase Collagen synthesis and reduces the chances of Age spots. Also rich in vitamin B, C and E content alongside a high content in Phytosterols.

Organic pumpkin seed oil Organic pumpkin seed oil

– High in Zinc helps combat redness – Helps regulate oily skin. – Rich in polyunsaturated fats – Packed with Vitamins A, E and C. – Fights free radicals

Organic Black cumin oil Organic Black Cumin oil

– Can significantly fight signs of ageing. – Packed with Skin softening vitamins and minerals. – Anti-bacterial properties – Regulates hormonal imbalances.

Organic Broccoli seed oil Organic Broccoli seed oil

Broccoli Seed Oil website description:

With a uniquely rich content of Erucic and Gondoic acid, imitating the composition of your Skins Sebum while having an Organic based Silicon imitation with none of the limits or potential irritants. Both improving Broccoli seeds skin absorption while soothing and plumping your skin giving you a fresh youthful look!

Containing Sulforaphane, Ascorbyl Palmitate (Vitamin C) and a 10% concentration of Alpha Linolenic Acid which all work with Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant and Cellular rejuvenating benefits for your skin. Broccoli seed is usually added to facial oils to increase the entire products absorbency.  

Organic Primrose oil

Reduces hormonal-based acne. Reduces sebum skin levels. Softens skin. Increases skins oxygen absorption levels.

Organic watermelon oil Organic watermelon oil

Rich in Oleic and Linoleic acid.
High vitamin E repairs cell membranes.
Hydrating and perfect for sensitive skin.

Organic Avocado oil Organic Avocado oil

An incredibly nourishing oil, well known for benefiting Dry and Mature skin types due to its high concentration of Omega 9. While these benefits Dry mature skin types its comedogenic level is a 3 making it unsuitable for acne prone skin.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Avocado oil for those of a mature skin type due to is Phospholipid content, increasing the water retention within the skin while improving the skin barrier maintained by the lipids produced by your skin. Its Beta Carotene works well along side its Antioxidant rich Alpha Tocopherol content which not only improves your skin cell regeneration but the health of your upper skin layer as well.

Essential Oil

Organic Orange essential oil Organic Orange essential oil

Organic Orange essential oil

Organic lemon grass essential oil Organic lemon grass essential oil

Organic lemon grass essential oil

Organic Cypress essential oil Organic Cypress essential oil

Organic Cypress essential oil

Organic Geranium essential oil Organic Geranium essential oil

Organic Geranium essential oil

Wild Manuka essential oil Wild Manuka essential oil

Wild Manuka essential oil