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Exfoliate Dust : Reviews
Wow, simply job done. I’ve used the exfoliate dust over the past month and I am mega impressed. Kathy x
I love that I choose the ingredients that will be used in my skincare, however, my mind is blown after 1 month as my skin is so much better than ever. Thanks xx
I have been having so much fun with my beauty bowl. The packets are just right per usage creating very little waste if any….. Tony
I’ve always had an issues with dull looking skin so I decided to treat myself! The information they let you know about the ingredients to choose from and I enjoyed picking. My skin has brightened up and gotten sooo soft! Becca x
I have used a lot of different exfoliators in my life and I can say that hands down, this is my favourite of all time. I loved selecting my own ingredients it somehow made me feel more empowered. Susan xx
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I recommend this product! This is a unique product. It’s a powder exfoliating dust mask. The experience is excellent wonderfully indulgent, and nourishing. BeeMetics created something really luscious here. Melanie
An amazing exfoliator that leaves skin silky soft with that polished spa glow, gives a deep clean without feeling like you have stripped layers of your face off. What’s not to love? Plus it smells gorgeous! XX
The Bamboo and Papaya really helped clear my skin up! My skin felt so tight and smooth after I washed it off.
I have been using the beemetics dusts for a month and I love them , my acne and my acne scars has definitely improved, they are really moisturising and I love the glow it leaves my skin, The packaging is is soooooo beautiful, and I’m definitely buying again. Tina x
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I am loving the whole ritual of using the beauty bowl to add water, applying the mask and using the wash cloth to remove the mask … The whole process is so relaxing and I can use it again and again so very eco minded. Linda
Wow. Chose what ingredients i wanted. The result is fabulous. My skin much smoother and looks really healthy. Before i used this my skin looked dull and tired. Would really recommend this product. Catherine
It’s up to you how much you want to spend on your skin, and there are many high street brands which yield fabulous results. Exfoliate dust is like nothing I’ve used before in my years of skincare addiction. 😍😍😍😍 The gentle papaya powder is so effective and yet did not leave my face sore or red. I can’t recommend this product more. 👏👏👏👏 Charlene xx