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Facial Dust mask : Reviews
Well as the business books say ‘you need to win loyal fans’ well I am now one of them. Maria Xx
Taking charge of my skincare is mind blowing, and incredibly simple. In a few weeks I have never felt so good about my skin. Simply the best. Sammy xx
Well as the business books say ‘you need to win loyal fans’ well I am now one of them. Maria Xx
I fully recommend this product! This is a unique product within the natural beauty sphere. It’s a powder to whipped mousse facial mask. The experience is excellent wonderfully indulgent, and nourishing. BeeMetics created something really luscious here. Tina x
My skin is simply perfect. I have discarded my face masks which cost the earth but did nothing in my opinion. The Aloe Vera & calendula powders is my holy grail of beauty from now on.
Facial Dust mask : Reviews
I’m a firm fan of BeeMetics products and love the facial dust. I use it twice a week and love watching it turn into a foam in my hands. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, and glows. Debs xx
So simple and so fun! I’ve always been self conscious about my skin but not anymore! High quality and effective are the best ways to describe Facial dust x
So simple and effective! I love the quality and the experience Self Select gave me! and I will be back for more.
I have been using the beemetics dusts for a month and I love them , my acne and my acne scars has definitely improved, they are really moisturising and I love the glow it leaves my skin, The packaging is is soooooo beautiful, and I’m definitely buying again. Tina xx
Facial Dust mask : Reviews
The whole ritual, from placing the sachet in the bowl is amazing to washing it off.
So I bought this mask for myself only, then my 14 year old daughter starting mixing it with me and using it as well. We’ve had such fun, this mask is absolutely divine…. love love
Wow. Choose what ingredients i wanted. The result is fabulous. My skin much smoother and looks really healthy. Before i used this my skin looked dull and tired. Would really recommend this product. Catherine
It’s up to you how much you want to spend on your skin, and there are many wonderful high street brands which yield great results. BeeMetics facial dust is like nothing I’ve used before in my years of product addiction. Charlene xx