FAQ: BeeMetics Skincare

WHY use BeeMetics –
We believe the unique elements which are ENVIRONMENTALLY SUSTAINABLE produced naturally by our bees, combined with the variety and specifically tested quantities of oils and butters that make up our serums will ensure your skin will look its very best whatever your age.

HOW of BeeMetics Serums
Using cold pressed and natural ingredients that are environmentally sustainable, we have designed the perfect serum for you. Its nutrient dense absorption boosting properties will dismiss any thoughts of oil-based products being too heavy or clogging your pores.

Rice Bran oil

RICE BRAN OIL: Boosts skin ELASTICITY and is a NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT. Speeds up SKIN CELL REGENERATION boosting the effects of an exfoliant which allows younger skin cells to push to the surface of the skin.

Calendula Oil

CALENDULA OIL: Boosts skin complexion due to high ANTIOXIDANT content; reducing the appearance of irritations, wrinkles and age spots

Shea butter

SHEA BUTTER: Contains VITAMINS A and E both being ANTI-AGEING properties; boots COLLAGEN production which reduces blemishes, scars and stretchmarks; deeply MOISTURISES skin due to its oil content

Honey Bees Wax

PURIFIED BEES WAX: Locks in water content, reduces skin dehydration, PROTECTS against FREE RADICALS and reduces the effects of pollution and the elements from damaging your skin.

Vitamin E oil

VITAMIN E OIL: Protects skin from FREE RADICALS, while also clearing the damage caused by FREE RADICALS; boost SKIN CELL REJUVENATION and heals damaged cell membranes leading to glowing, moisturized skin

Fresh Honey

HONEY: HYDRATES skin due to the natural sugars found in it being HUMECTANTS and EMOLLENTS which cause the skin to draw moisture from it while locking in water within the skin


PURIFIED PROPOLIS: ANTI-INFLAMMATORY effects cause acne and pimples to reduce in size and redness, while ANTI-BACTERIAL properties in honey cleanse and free the skin of the bacteria that causes acne

Passive Bee Venom

Passively Purified Bee Venom- The “passively” means that the Bee Venom has been harvested without ELECTRICITY and the utmost priority has been given to the health and welfare of the honey bees providing their venom.

Why use Bee Venom – In varying strengths the Bee Venom causes the body to increase blood flow to the area that is being affected causing, acne ‘causing bacteria’ to be removed, it directly stimulates skin cells to produce two peptides referred to as elastin and collagen. Elastin cause a tightening effect and collagen causes a plumping of the skin causing the skin cells to look younger and firmer.
What is Bee venom – a colorless liquid. It contains both anti-inflammatory compounds, including enzymes, sugars, minerals, and amino acids. Melittin e.g. (which is responsible for the ouch part of bee venom) — Is a compound that consists of 26 amino acids; it comprises about 50% of the dry weight of the bee venom and has been shown to have antiviral, and antibacterial effects in some studies. Bee venom also contains the peptides apamin and adolapin. Although they act as toxins, they have been shown to possess anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. There is also some discussion regarding uses in the fight against cancer however there is more research required before we can fully comment.

WHAT is BeeMetics Serums
The Beemetics serum range is a luxurious, ultra-rich oil-based moisturizer that absorbs just like a cream leaving your skin SOFTER, BRIGHTER and FIRMER. The variety and specifically tested quantities of oils and butters with their unique natural properties will always MOISTURISE, HYDRATE and REJUVENATE your skin at every level.

We have not harmed any animal or insect to make, or test our serums as Porch Honey eloquently states “Wild Pollinators Matters” and we agree.

Additional Information
– Valid for one glass bottle of oil serums.
– 7% Natural (93% Organic), Cruelty Free.
– The Top Quality Extraction Methods Only.
– Recyclable Glass Bottle, cosmetic dropper and  Packaging.
– No Synthetic Ingredients/Fragrance/Dyes/Chemicals/Fillers/Preservatives.
– All products are handmade, slight variations may occur from one to another.
– Each glass bottle comes with a dropper, and a organza bag.
– Please store the product at room temperature.
– For maximum results, use the product within 12 months after receiving.
– Keep out of direct sunlight and extreme heat.
– If you have allergic or sensitive skin, please consider a PATCH test to ensure you are able to use the product safely.
– If you have bee related allergies please consult a doctor before use.

Regulatory Requirements:
Cosmetics manufacturers in the EU are regulated by EU Regulation (EU) No1223/2009 This stipulates No Animal testing on ingredients or finished products amongst a raft of other requirements.  We choose to work with Oxford Biosciences, we choose them for their professional approach and in house capabilities. We engaged them to test and document for us during 2017 and again during 2018. We are registered with the European portal and have met all regulatory requirements to sell our natural skincare within the UK and aboard.