Beemetics Skin Care

Regulatory Requirements:
Cosmetics manufacturers in the EU are regulated  EU Regulation (EU) No1223/2009 This stipulates No Animal testing on ingredients or finished products amongst a raft of other requirements.  We choose to work with Oxford Biosciences, we choose them for their professional approach and in house capabilities. We engaged them to test and document for us during 2017 and again during 2018. We are registered with the European portal and have met all regulatory requirements to sell our natural skincare within the UK and aboard.

Why we selected each ingredient for use in our specialised serum(s) –

Bees Wax: Bees wax is collected from Beehives throughout the world for the use in candles, polishes and multiple other industries including skincare, mainly in balms. It is produced by they worker bees in there youth from their wax glands, producing very thin flakes of wax which in turn are placed and pressed together into the comb we see in the beehives.

It is usually collected by bee farmers by melting the spare comb from the super, whether this is brace comb of completely cut out from super frames depends on the quantity you need, but as of the structure of comb it doesn’t give much for its size due to the lack of wax needed to hold such large amounts of honey.

The reasons behind us using beeswax in our products are:

  • Bees wax acts as a thickener and emulsifier which helps keep the oils in the serum from separating fast.
  • Bees wax acts as a hydrator for the skin, not by hydrating the skin itself but by allowing any liquids consumed by the individual wearing makeup, serums, creams or lip serums to hold more moisture in the skin. This is possible by the fact that moisture is drawn out of the skin via the natural elements from rain to heat which is prevented by beeswax. The best part about this is that even though it prevents moisture escaping the skin it still allows the skin to breath which helps prevent spots and acne occuring more often due to the skin clogging up with excrement’s.
  • Bees wax helps protect the skin from free radicals and the natural elements which has been shows to weather the skin making it show up as dry and aged

Honey: Honey has been collected from beehives for thousands of years for the health benefits and as a luxury sweetener for sweet tooth’s. It is produced by the bees for there own food supple by collecting nectar from plants and trees. They bring the nectar back to the hive and mix in enzymes that are produced in there second stomach that the foragers (bees that forage for pollen nectar propolis etc) use to store the nectar in there flights. They then fan the nectar drying it into the thick golden liquid we know as Honey.

The reasons behind us using Honey in our products are:

  • Honey is perfect for its anti ageing properties as it holds 5 different substances that all have been shown to have anti ageing properties. Honey has six different vitamins (riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin b6, folate, vitamin c), Multiple antioxidants (chrysin, pinobanksin, catalase, pinocembrin), Two different minerals (zinc, selenium), over a dozen different amino acids and Gluconic acid.
  • Reduces the effects of acne, due to honeys anti iinflammatory properties honey reduces acnes perception especially if you are prone to squeezing them. The anti inflammatory effects reduces inflammation around the acne reducing the spots size. Though honey has antibacterial properties as well it can only help fight come bacteria’s that cause acne not the majority.
  • Honey due to its gluconic acid content helps clear away dead skin cells naturally which helps reduce the effects of age by clearing away the dead skin cells which as you grow older become harder to remove giving the skin a patchy aged look.


Propolis: Propolis is used by the bees to plug up gaps in there hives reducing air flow allowing the bees to keep the hive warmer with more efficiency while also making the hive more defendable against pests. Propolis is collected from the trees as tree sap and mixed by the bees with there saliva and bees wax . Bee farmers collect it by scraping frames and purposefully placed nets to collect it  more easily.

The reasons behind us using Propolis in our products are:

  • Antioxidant flavonoids (quercetin, pinocembrin, galantine, pinobanksin). These are shown to help heal the skin and prevent it from losing its youthful looks.
  • Porpoise contains caffeic acid and hydroquinone both of which are well used and proven to fight acne and other infections.
  • Contains four different minerals such as zinc, magnesium, calcium and nickel which all help repair damages skin cells.


Vitamin E Oil: The reasons behind us using Vitamin E Oil in our products are:

  • Vitamin E oil is a natural antioxidant which helps protect the body from free radicals, a bonus to this is that vitamin E can be absorbed into the lipids that are a main component of our skin layer taking the brunt of the damage from the outside world. Vitamin E helps protect the skins lipids. It is well know of its benefits of protecting the skin against UV light which can cause cancer.
  • Vitamin E oil increases the skins production of collagen which firms up your skin.
  • Vitamin E moisturises the skin while sealing up the skin barrier preventing a further loss of moisture.

Shea Butter: The reasons behind us using Shea Butter in our product are:

  • Its moisturising properties help moisturise the skin which is what it is mainly well known for.
  • Its collagen boosting properties help reduce wrinkles and aged properties while also being good for reducing stretch marks and scar tissue. Especially as it contains vitamin A and E.


Calendula Oil: The reasons behind us using Calendula Oil in our product are:

  • Calendula oil helps reduce inflammation in the skin.
  • Increases blood flow to the skin by relaxing the blood vessels oxygenating the skin.

Rice Bran Oil: The reason behind us using Rice Bran Oil in our products are:

  • Has anti oxidant effects which protect the skin and holds moisture in backing the effects of the other ingredients.

Maize: The reason behind us using Maize in our serum products are:

  • We use it as a thickener in the serums.