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FAQ’s BeeMetics – Serums

Our general serums by our designer Sam

~ Now let me describe the core factors of a serum, there oil based instead of water based giving them far longer life spans after production, they are very rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals even as a basic serum let alone one of high quality

~ the biggest downfall of serums excluding their lack of branding compared to creams are that because of the density of benefits in the serums they have a slow absorption rate that can usually leave skin feeling oily for 10min or longer obviously depending on the product.

~ this is the kink in the market we have concentrated on, from research and questionnaires we have found out that our serum has an even higher density of benefits for our skin than most serums. From what I have already said that will probably sound like I am counteracting my product against the biggest dislike of serums that people have, but.

~ those same reviews also mention and have been confirmed by me, who else would be the best first tester than the producers! That our serum absorbs fast, which is why our serum has both the benefit of creams, (fast absorption rate) and the benefit of serums (larger quantity of benefits for our skin) to create our Beemetics Skincare range that can be for your face, hands and body in a serum form or as a serum-based scrub!

~ our serums is based on a combination of ingredients that covers a huge range of skin benefits from naturally increasing your skins moisture content, naturally increasing collagen production too skin cell rejuvenation! 

~ Our serum contains beeswax, propolis and honey all of which is collected from our own hives. We also use a variety of other ingredients such as calendula oil, shea butter and vitamin e oil; as you can see we are using very well-known and skin beneficial ingredients in our product that have the following benefits.

          Enhances blood flow to cells oxygenising and revitalising them.

           Multiple ways of moisturising the skin from the ingredients being absorbed moisturising the skin to the ingredients being absorbed drawing moisture to the skin from the air around it.

          Shea butter, vitamin e oil and calendula oil all are incredibly good for moisturising the skin but honey acts as a humectant which draws moisture to itself which means it gives the skin the same effects albeit temporarily.

           Over half the ingredients we use in our serums contain antioxidants which fight and cleanse the skin of free radicals which take the form of anything that damages our skin cells from pollution, prolonged sun exposure to even cigarette smoke.

           Skin cell rejuvenation is one of the most prized benefits of vitamin e oil, skin cell rejuvenation is the repair of aged and worn skin cells that might take days to be removed without an exfoliator, simplified it’s the reversal of aging on a minor form but when it comes to home use skincare benefits it is a gold mine for any man or woman.

           now what separates the hand face and body serums are the quantity of ingredients; certain rich ingredients in too high a quantity has been found to cause acne and other effects instead of having beneficial effects. This combined with our hands, face and body needing different care leads to each serum being specifically produced for said area.

1.0, What is the oil base in our serums.

– Organic Rice oil
– Organic calendula
– Organic Vitamin

1.1 Supplied by Porch Honey

– (Harvested from our bee farm) Purified bees wax
– (Harvested from our bee farm) Purified Honey
– (Harvested from our bee farm) Purified Propolis
– (Harvested from our bee farm) PHPBV (Porch Honey Purified Bee Venom)

2.0 Are there nuts in the serums or scrubs.

– None, no tree nut products of any kind

3.0 Absorption rate for serums?

– 30 seconds when shaken before use or 1+ minute(s) if not shaken before use

4.0 SPF added?

– No. Perhaps later as most spf’s is achieved by applying metal shavings to skincare

5.0 Does the BeeMetics contain preservatives?

– Yes they are all from the hive e..g. (natural propolis, honey, beeswax) and vitamin E no tricks just honest science

6.0 What is the difference between the body and face serums?

– The body serums have double the organic vitamin E & Shea butter to provide a richer more nourishing serum for the body

7. 0 What is the difference between the hand and face serums?

– The hand serums have double the organic vitamin E butter to provide a richer more nourishing serum for the hands