No. 142 Antiageing Face Serum

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No. 142 Face Serum – The better condition your skin is in, the more amazing your makeup looks and wears throughout the day. It’s simple math the less skin issues to cover, the less makeup you use. Our NATURAL FACE serum supports you by providing MOISTURISATION, ANTIAGING and REJUVENATION of your skin for a healthier appearance.
You know what works for you.

Care has been taken to ensure ACTIVE INGREDIANTS are kept that way … for instance MEL(Honey) is not added until the oils have cooled appropriately otherwise we are delivering sugars with oils rather than HIGH QUALITY skincare.

Contains the following Organic RICE BRAN, CALENDULA, SHEA BUTTER, HONEYBEE WAX, MAIZE, VITAMIN E, HONEY, PROPOLIS – No. 170 – also contains passively harvested PURIFIED BEE VENOM

20ML Cosmetic Dropper GLASS Jar

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Weight 300 g

9 reviews for No. 142 Antiageing Face Serum

  1. Nicole (verified owner)

    I was presented with my Face Serum from BeeMetics in October 2018. I am one of ‘those women’ having looked at my skin in a wicked 10X magnifying mirror I discovered Nature was taking its course, which of course made me jump into action. Face electrocution, face massage, mud packs ,sea mineral scrubs. So on my 57th Birthday I was given that, which I thought was just another standard serum. Then I started to use it. My skin responded , it plumped up, it glowed and when Nick touched my Face he said it felt like velvet. I am happy, my skin is happy I have found my serum for life.
    Thank you BeeMetics.

  2. Angie (verified owner)

    It’s a month since Stating to use this product,I couldn’t see any product that compares with this face serum no. 142 with Bee Venom. I have used it only in morning but I saw a massive difference,I highly recommend this product and I will buy it again and again.

    I loved that fact I could choose how much or how little Bee Venom I could use… simply fabulous

  3. Debbie (verified owner)

    I adore BeeMetics No. 142 face serum with bee venom, for many reasons.
    1. It is ethically sourced. No bees are harmed when gathering their venom which to me is a breath of fresh air.
    2. Not only does it feel amazing and tighten your skin but it does not contain any harmful products within it, so not only does it not harm the environment but it also does not harm your skin. I could not use the original scent as I have an allergy, so I asked for a different essential oil to be used, it was no problem to further personalise my serum by giving it to me with my own requested scent.
    3. It is stored within a beautiful personalised jar which can be recycled time and time again. In a World of throw away consumerism, this has to be the way forward.

    What’s not to love.

  4. Freya (verified owner)

    No 142 Face serum well done!

  5. Kathy (verified owner)

    What great value, loving the ‘no scent’ option with medium bee venom in no. 142. My skin feels the ‘dewy skin’ thing which is new to me. Well done BeeMetics, I am glad I trusted you.

    Ps- Well done with the passive bee venom process that makes me feel so much better about my using bee venom.

  6. Angel (verified owner)

    These drops are so great, clean and natural. I can really tell the difference. Such a great product. Thanks BeeMetics

  7. Pam (verified owner)

    Put simply, I love the No. 142 Face Serum & Bee Venom. It’s a rich thick yet surprisingly light product. It sinks into my skin so quickly, leaving it feeling moisturised and nourished. The Lavender smell is set at the perfect amount. Enough to bring a feeling of calm when applying the product but not over powering. I appreciate the reusable glass jar and having my name on it, whilst it’s not strictly necessary, it’s a lovely thoughtful personalised touch. Looks great in any bathroom. In summary this is a wonderful product, that is amazing on my skin and is in a great price range, what more could a woman need in a face product. NOTHING.

  8. Janet (verified owner)

    I am so happy, I ordered the no. 142 face serum on Friday and by Wednesday I had received my order (no small thing as I live outside Seattle Wa. and BeeMetics works in the UK.

  9. Beth (verified owner)

    No. 142 with passive bee venom ⚡️

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