No. 302 Buff to Glow

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We partnered with Oxford Biosciences Lab to do the testing, so all you have to do is choose with confidence.

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Essential oil (This will be scent of your skincare) * 

Allergen – Lavender : Linalol,- Grapefruit : d-Limonene, – Sweet Orange : d-Limonene

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– No Bee Venom
– Small (To gently maintenance your skin)
– Medium (To actively encourage your skin)
– Large (To target skins elastin, collagen production)

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No. 142 Face Serum, No. 160 Face Scrub – An elegant gift set. The better condition your skin is in, the more amazing your skin will look .

We keep it simple: Organic, biologically active moisturizing serums and scrubs. We partnered with Oxford Biosciences Lab to do the testing, so all you have to do is choose with confidence.

Just a reminder 1 drop goes a long way, and please don’t forget to give it a shake before using the serums.

Contains the following (INCI) – * Oryza sativa, *Helianthus annulus seed, *Butyrospermum parkii, **Cera alba, *Calendula officinalis flower extract, **Mel, *Tocopherol, ** Propolis Cera
Scents: 1) *Lavandula angustifolia oil , 2) *Citrus paradisi peel oil
* Organic oils, ** Natural Products
Passively harvested purified Bee Venom

Passive Bee Venom
Passive Bee Venom

Why use Bee Venom – In varying strengths the Bee Venom causes the body to increase blood flow to the area that is being affected causing, acne ‘causing bacteria’ to be removed, it directly stimulates skin cells to produce two peptides referred to as elastin and collagen. Elastin cause a tightening effect and collagen causes a plumping of the skin causing the skin cells to look younger and firmer.
What is Bee venom – a colourless liquid. It contains both anti-inflammatory compounds, including enzymes, sugars, minerals, and amino acids. Melittin e.g. (which is responsible for the ouch part of bee venom) — Is a compound that consists of 26 amino acids; it comprises about 50% of the dry weight of the bee venom and has been shown to have antiviral, and antibacterial effects in some studies. Bee venom also contains the peptides apamin and adolapin. Although they act as toxins, they have been shown to possess anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. There is also some discussion regarding uses in the fight against cancer however there is more research required before we can fully comment.

*Always do a PAT test *

20ML Cosmetic Dropper GLASS Jar
60ML Face Scrub Glass Jar

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  1. Trina (verified owner)

    I purchased ‘buff to glow’ as a Christmas gift for my best friend. She is normally hard to find a gift she will like and use. She totally loves this and has now purchased another. Thanks @BeeMetics

    • Kim (BM) Burnham

      Trina, Really happy we were able to help and thank you for the referral … we’ve sent you something nice as a thank you :-)

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